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Raga Roots!! Original music Featuring Sofie Reed on vocals and Saraswathi Ranganathan on the ancient Southern Indian instrument Veena! Mixed and Mastered by Gravity Studios, Chicago


i got up this morning
with dude on the phone
telling me that i am all wrong
i’m a mood swinger - a loser - not a winner
and i better be writing a happy song

he shot the beat
telling me i’m missing
in a half ass funk
who could have thunk
gutted it neatly
chucked it in the alley
such a lopsided punk

he’s not cosmic
shame’s his name
with a crooked core
he’s a lopsided punk

listen here you mansplainer
i’m gonna drag YOU back down the hole
limp it down, this is the soul patrol
not ‘bout god or gold
pro choice? pro life?
no baby, pro chainsaw
bitch please
from the old day of the one
this is how you’ve used your time

humping, humping all you find
up and down in a disgraceful grind
but this cookie do not crumble
and it can’t be dunked

who’s the whore? the tramp?
a sucker….? way out of line?
You, lowlife mansplainer
king of all crime

i’m done with your kind
so take your dull,
vile, vapid, limp
out-dated, one up - mind
now, go on shove it
yeah, you shove it
where that sun don’t shine

Now YOU cross your legs bitch
and keep ‘em that way
button it up
sit, stay
you’ve been powered down
tucked, zipped, switched off
you went too far
you fell

this isn’t “me too”
this is me telling you
your mission was aborted
you’re not my commander
i’m no lady painted by your brush
I’m a woman
all the way to the gut

get out of my way, now
go to the kitchen
scrub that floor
when your done
do sweep yourself
out the door!