Mission: One Stage. One Music. One Community©

My Vision: The more aware the audience is of diverse cultures, the less fear there is and consequently less and less hate. It is a delightful way to transcend race, religion, culture and color.  #positiveinfluenceonyoungminds #onestageonemusiconecommunity 
How to accomplish this vision? 
    to increase awareness of the beautiful wooden acoustic instrument 'Veena'. With the deep intent and understanding that music is one of the most effective vehicles for indigenous knowledge dissemination and cultural collaboration  
    to creatively provoke my audience almost as a socio-cultural responsibility; to inspire, instill the creative energy of being and accepting. 
    to motivate students to embrace Veena for lifelong appreciation of the arts, for instilling an open perception of diverse cultures in young minds 
    to reach people in art-restricted neighborhoods, and children/adults with special needs for creating cross cultural awareness

    to showcase a variety of acoustic instruments from around the world

    to engage community business in all these endeavors in areas that include photography, videography, lighting, costumes, food, catering, sound, recording and many more